Our Catholic Identity

What it means to belong to the Tenison Woods Community

We follow a strong tradition of Josephite education, but also the footsteps of our founder.  These traditions are present in our school today, and drive the way we develop our students to be stewards of their world, and their environment.

As a school community we celebrate the charism of Julian Tenison Woods by:

  • Living his love for the environment and nature. We do this through many of our sustainability initiatives such as recycling, being a wrapper free school, composting, growing fruit and vegetables, water conservation and limiting our carbon footprint.
  • Celebrating diversity. Julian worked so closely with many different groups of people in the remote areas of South Australia.
  • Engaging in prayer experiences every day and celebrating God’s everlasting love for us. Julian was a faithful man and dedicated his life to God.
  • Social justice. Julian was passionate about helping those in need and we aim to emulate his compassion by being involved in many social justice programs; reaching out to help those in need, both locally and globally.
  • Fostering a sense of enquiry and curiosity about our world. We celebrate the gifts of wonder and awe.