Strategic Plan

Building our Future Together

As the Principal of Tenison Woods Catholic School, I am delighted to present our Strategic Plan.

We are formed by the founding visionaries, protectors, explorers and innovators that are Saint Mary Mackillop and Father Julian Tenison Woods. The cooperative and collaborative work of students, staff, parents and friends of the School in developing this strategic plan illustrates the shared desire to amplify the wellbeing and learning outcomes of the young people in our community.

Our approach celebrates children and their childhood, we cultivate a place where every child matters, absolutely. Living our charism, we are inspired by Jesus as a community of learners committed to quality outcomes in authentic relationships, seeking goodness and fullness of life.

We are a community that strives for wellbeing for all, all the time.

Through our strategic focus, Tenison Woods School will be seen as a school of first choice for families seeking an outstanding education for their child. We will be a school of first choice for educators seeking to be a part of a connected community driven towards excellence.

Most importantly, we continue to be inspired and guided by “In omnibus caritas” - In all things Love.


Ben Catalano



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