Frequently asked questions

What are the school hours?

The supervision of children is between 8:20am and 3:25pm each week day. The gate is open from 8.20am.

RECESS 11.00 – 11.30am
LUNCH 1.00 – 1.40 pm


What if my child is late or being collected early for an appointment??

For children who arrive late or leave school for an appointment within school hours are to be signed in or out using the Ipad in the Front Office. Please notify your child's class teacher and front office if possible to avoid delays in collecting your child or receiving a late SMS message. 


What if my child is sick or taking a family day?

If your child is absent from school for sickness or any other reason, parents or guardians are asked to notify the school office in the morning, by calling 81317900 (message bank is available), email, via the Audiri App (Eforms, Absentees)  If your child is away and the school has not heard from you by 10am an SMS message will be sent to you asking for you to respond.