Raising Hearts and Minds

At Catholic Education South Australia, we value the intrinsic worth of every individual. We don’t just know students by name, we know who they are by heart.

Through our commitment to educational excellence, we provide quality learning in a Catholic context, from early years to year 12.

Our community is underpinned by a spirit of openness, sensitivity and respect, which generates a real sense of inclusion and belonging. It’s these everyday connections between faith and action that let every child know they matter.

We work in partnership with families to educate and nurture the whole person, helping them to be thriving, capable learners as well as extraordinary human beings.

Inspired by Jesus, our Catholic faith and spirituality, we instil values that last well beyond the schooling experience, they’re ingrained for life.

We believe that each child has an inherent goodness that can change the world and it’s our privilege to be a part of their journey – because an intangible piece of your school lives with you forever.

This video reflects our manifesto that describes what we do and how we make a difference to the lives of young people.

Catholic Education South Australia - Raising Hearts and Minds.