Little Wonders Transition Program

Transition to School

'Little Wonders'

Believing that all children are competent and capable and active citizens of our world means that we need to recognise the rights of every child in their educational journey.

Beginning school is an important milestone in your child's development. At Tenison Woods Catholic School, we recognise and value the significance of this time and we work in partnership with families to ensure a smooth and successful transition to school. 

Transition is a gradual process whereby children begin to feel safe and secure in their surrounding environment, make friends and develop positive relationships with others. Once these important elements are in place, your child will be set up for successful learning.

With this understanding of change from Kindergarten to School we have developed a 'Little Wonders' Long Transition Program for your child.

For more information regarding our Little Wonders Transition Program, download the PDF below.

For older children, and for children with specific needs, we can negotiate an alternative transition process.

What is included in the Program?

What is included in the Program?

The Long Transition Program features:

  • the opportunity to attend school one day a week in addition to your child's Kindergarten or Pre-School progam
  • a fulltime teacher for the duration of the transition
  • everyday opportunities to experience life at school; i.e. start and finish of a school day, recess and lunchtime play, attendance at assemblies and Mass
  • experiences in Italian, PE, Performing Arts, STEM and Library
  • access to OSCH - Before and After school
  • developing the dispositions of successful learners in literacy, mathematics, science and the arts.