Catholic Education South Australia

Little Wonders Transition Program

We want your child's first experience at Tenison Woods Catholic School to be a positive and welcoming one. To enable this to happen we have set up our "Little Wonders" Transition Program. As a part of this program we endeavour to visit the children at their kindergarten and provide the children with a series of weekly visits to TWCS in the term prior to commencing school.

The transition visits enable you and your child to meet the class teacher, other students and to become familiar with the class routines and our wider school environment. For the last session parents are invited to stay and meet with the Principal to learn about various school procedures, pedagogy for Reception students and other important matters/considerations pertaining their children. The final session concludes with all the children and parents coming together to celebrate with a special liturgy.

For older children, and for children with specific needs, we can negotiate an alternative transition process.