Catholic Education South Australia


Our uniform is a source of pride

It represents our School in the community

All items of uniform are available for sale from the Administration office. Opening times are Tuesday 8.20-9.10am, Wednesday 2.30-3.30pm and Thursday 8.20-9.10am. Orders with full payment may be made via the Qkr! App and will be distributed within 24 hours.

Girls and boys uniform (all sizes available)

  • Burgundy/Blue short sleeve polo shirt (with TWCS logo)
  • Burgundy/Blue long sleeve polo shirt (with TWCS logo)
  • Blue shorts (with TWCS logo) zip pocket
  • Blue skort (with TWCS logo)
  • Track Jacket Zip Up Navy/Gold (TWCS logo) and matching track pants
  • Navy long sleeve fleecy top (with zip and TWCS logo)
  • Navy fleecy track pants
  • White sports socks (available anywhere)
  • Sports shoes - predominately white in colour (laces or Velcro only)
  • Brown sandals may be worn in term 1 and term 4.
  • Navy hat (with TWCS logo) Navy school bag (with TWCS logo)


Two styles of school hats are available from the School and can be worn all year round. The School Sunsmart policy states during the winter months June-August, the wearing of hats when outside is not compulsory. From 1st September onwards all children will wear their hats during recess, lunch, fitness, PE and outside activities. The school enforces the policy of “NO HAT – NO PLAY” and children not wearing the correct school hat are asked to remain under the verandah. The wearing of sunglasses is encouraged in line with the general recommendation of the Anti-Cancer Foundation.


Girls and boys must wear their hair neatly and away from their face. Students with longer than shoulder length hair must tie hair back at all times. No dyed hair or coloured streaks or tips. Only hair of natural appearance permitted. No extreme hairstyle allowed. No hair adornment or accessories except burgundy or blue ribbons, bands or slides. Facial and/or body piercing and tattoos are not acceptable at school. No cosmetics, nail polish or acrylic nails are permitted.

No jewellery is to be worn to school with the exception of: a watch, Medic alert bracelet or earrings (only one pair of plain studs or sleepers, one in each lobe.)