Our classrooms


Unique Learning Spaces

Our classrooms are truly unique learning spaces, allowing us to accommodate our very contemporary teaching and learning processes.

They offer flexible learning environments for all children. All classrooms are set up to be collaborative. The desks join together to allow for discussions, raised benches for children to stand, soft furnishings for them to sit. Different configurations like a café set up for them to go to spaces where they can explore and talk. This is a deliberate move – research shows that children have more than one learning style and can benefit greatly from collaborating and learning together.

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Luxurious Play Spaces and Open Learning Areas

We are a small school, but we are blessed with expansive play spaces and open learning areas that allow children to learn according to their styles, and give our teachers the ability to teach using a range of methods.

Our children are given space to explore and room to move, to experience their world and to tailor their learning to it.