Wellbeing at Tenison Woods Catholic School

Student wellbeing and strengthening community wellbeing has been a whole-school priority at Tenison Woods Catholic School for the past 8 years; critical to shaping a positive future for our students, ultimately shaping a positive future for our world. In recent years, Tenison Woods Catholic school has been a lighthouse of best practice in community wellbeing, leading wellbeing projects in Catholic Education SA.

Our focus is to support every young person to flourish, thrive and achieve.

We believe this can only occur when a young person’s social-emotional, ethical, and physical development is considered equal to their learning and academic needs.

Research suggests that wellbeing and learning have a reciprocal and interconnected relationship. Wellbeing positively influences student learning outcomes, and success in learning enhances student wellbeing.

Consideration for student wellbeing is embedded deeply in everything that we do as a school and community. It is implicit in our way of being and explicit in our strategies, structures, programmes, and policies.


Positive Education and Wellbeing

We are a Positive Education school, utilising research based on neuroscience, education and psychology. Positive education teaches children the strategies and dispositions they need to flourish in today's world. We believe flourishing is feeling good by doing good. Children are encouraged to use their character strengths to develop resilience, grit and success. The word FLOURISH is at the core of all that is Positive Education.

The 6 Elements of our Positive Education model are explicitly taught to all children throughout the year. Positive Education supports your child to be growth minded.

With a structured approach to our wellbeing curriculum, children are explicitly taught the skills and strategies they may need throughout their lives. This is delivered through a sequential curriculum utilising the resources of the Grow Your Mind and Wellbeing Distillery programs. We believe in a pro-active approach to wellbeing, where children have the toolkit to flourish when challenged.


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At Tenison Woods School we employ a number of different wellbeing strategies and approaches in a strategic manner. We have invested in highly trained staff to support the wellbeing of all in our community.

This staffing includes:

  • Wellbeing Leader
  • Allied Health professional – counselling and psychology
  • Allied Health professional – Developmental Educator
  • Inclusive Education Leader
  • Education Support Officers – Tier 2 Wellbeing Intervention


We celebrate our commitment to wellbeing for all, all the time through a variety of fantastic initiatives including:

  • Termly Wellbeing Days – celebrating the importance of challenge
  • Trauma informed practices in all classrooms
  • Parent Education Workshops in Positive Education and Positive Parenting
  • Mental Health First Aid certification of school staff
  • Tier 2 and 3 Wellbeing Intervention programs
  • Yoga and Mindfulness practices in classrooms