How we connect with our community

At the heart of our school is a community of committed, caring people.

Our sense of community defines us.

We are a small and intimate school, supporting not just our children as they grow, but their families as well. We work in partnership with our families to provide the best environment for all of our children.

We celebrate diversity just like Julian did when he worked so closely with many different groups of people in the remote areas of South Australia. Julian was a faithful man and dedicated his life to God. We follow his footsteps by engaging in prayer experiences every day and celebrating God’s everlasting love for us.

There are a number of ways our parents are involved in the life of their school.

Helping at school

Our children love it when their parents and significant others play a role in their school.  Our parents are a wonderful support to the school in the areas of:

  • Sporting teams.  We are an extremely passionate sporting community, and our parents assist with (and support) a range of sporting programs.
  • In class.  From reading to assistance on excursions, our parents are involved in the classrooms of their children.  This also helps to cement the bonds between our families and our teaching staff, who are very connected to their students.
  • Sustainability. Following in the footsteps of our founder, we have a significant focus on sustainability and the environment.  This learning goes beyond the classroom and into the homes of our families.
  • Fundraising.  Our Parents & Friends Committee are very active in fundraising for the school, providing much-needed resources for the whole school community.
  • Participation in the functions organised by the School.
  • Connections with teachers.  Your child's teacher is a significant person in their life and parents can connect through parent/teacher nights, Acquaintance Night and Learning Conferences.

In the interests of the safety and security of all members of our school community all parents/caregivers wishing to volunteer their services must undergo a Police Check with the Professional Standards Office, Catholic Diocesan Centre. Clearance Consent forms are available from the Administration Office. It is also a requirement that volunteers complete the online Responding to Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RRHAN-EC) induction session which can be accessed on the following page .


Parents and Friends Committee

The main functions of this committee are:

  • To promote the care and well-being of students at Tenison Woods Catholic School
  • To build up close communication between teachers, students and parents
  • To promote social activities for the parents and friends of students of Tenison Woods Catholic School
  • To assist the Principal and staff in meeting the material needs of the children

Funds raised through the parent’s efforts (for special projects only) supplement the grants received through the State and Commonwealth Governments.

This group is a vital part of the School community and all parents are encouraged to take part in its many activities.

Membership is open to every parent and friend with an interest in our school, Should you wish to join please email

All P&F Members will require working with children clearances. 

Catholic School Parents South Australia

Catholic Education South Australia | Catholic School Parents SA ( promotes and supports parents and families by providing a voice for education and issues which affect their children.

CSPSA is an advocate for the families, parents and carers of children in Catholic schools, Catholic early learning centres and pre-schools.

The organisation believes that:

  • All children have the opportunity to access a quality education, allowing each child to reach his or her potential; and
  • School and family collaboration is essential to successful spiritual, academic and developmental growth.

CSPSA aims to build an environment where parents can be empowered to take an active role as the primary educators of their children.

Our School Board

Tenison Woods Catholic School is under the financial management of the School Board, which operates to assist in the proper functioning of the Parish school.

The School Board is responsible to the State Director of Catholic Education in their role as Executive Officer of the S.A. Commission for Catholic Schools and its main areas of concern are:

  • The support of educational programmes and practices which are at work in the school, in keeping with the Board’s policies.
  • Financial Management which focuses on effective budgeting and the proper provision of facilities.
  • Maintenance and development of buildings and grounds to provide a suitable environment for the learning process to flourish.
  • To build up support for the School among the community it serves, and to develop a community spirit.

The School Board consists of the Parish Priest of Richmond/Brooklyn Park as President; the Principal is ex officio; nominated and elected members from the Parents and Friends Committee, staff and the parent community.

For more information on School Boards, please visit the Catholic Education SA School Board Website.