Our Parish

Our school is a part of the Catholic Parish of St John Bosco and St Aloysius, which was established in 2008.

Our Parish Priest is Fr Long Hai, and he has a strong connection with our school, celebrating Liturgies and Mass with us.

The church is located on-site with the school and we have a relationship with our Parish community.

For more information please refer to the Parish Website.


Sacramental Program

Each year Tenison Woods Catholic School work hand in hand with the Brooklyn Park/Richmond Parish to develop a faith giving sacramental program.

Children and their families begin preparation in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The Sacraments offered are:




Holy Communion


Mass Times

St John Bosco, Brooklyn Park:

Tuesday & Wednesday 7.30am
Saturday 9.00am   Reconciliation (Confession) 9.30 -10.00am 
Sunday 9.00am and 4.30pm  

St Aloysius, Richmond:

Thursday & Friday 9.00am

Saturday Vigil 6:00pm      5:30pm adoration and confessions

Sunday 11:00am

Use the QR Code at the doors to register your attendance at the church. If you cannot use the QR Code, record your contact details on the sign up sheet (in case it is needed for contact tracing).

Please refer to the Parish Website for all updated information.

Sacramental Program

The Sacramental Program for our combined parishes of St Aloysius and St John Bosco is a shared responsibility.
Religious leaders at Tenison Woods, St John Bosco School, together with Fr Long Hai, take responsibility for planning and delivering the program.
Information about the program is sent home to Catholic families at the start of each school year.
For more information about sacraments, please contact the parish office on 8352 3561 or via email.