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Important Dates

P&F Meeting - 7pm

Thursday 23 June

Cyber Safety - Community Session 6.00pm

Thursday 23 June

Principal Tour - 9.30am to 10.30am

Friday 24 June

Community Coffee Catchup - 9am in the Beehive

Wednesday 29 June

Netball Carnival - Year 4 to 6

Tuesday 5 July

Last Day of Term - 3.10pm Finish

Friday 8 July

School Photo Day

Wednesday 27 July

Open Day - Principal Tour 9-10.30am

Wednesday 24 August

Open Day - Principal Tour 5-6pm

Wednesday 24 August

Brooklyn Park / Richmond Parish

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Mary MacKillop Precinct

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Southern Cross

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Hilton Lawyers

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Smart Home Vision

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Varo Property

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Westside Lawn

Here for the Cake

Addicted to Bake

Kokedama Collection