Catholic Education South Australia


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Our learning vision is 'Inspiring Excellence' in our children and generate in them a love for learning.

Visible Learning refers to making student learning and thinking visible to teachers and learners. It makes clear what the learning is about, enabling students to work towards achieving their learning goals.

Visible Wellbeing combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning and teaching to make wellbeing visible in all classrooms and across the curriculum. It involves teaching students in ways that  develop empathy, build positive relationships, enhance responsible decision-making, help students learn how to handle challenging situations and develop leadership skills. 

We embrace contemporary teaching and learning practices which are based around the Learning Tree.

The six roots are the six key competencies that research shows all students should have to be equipped for the rest of their lives:

  1. Thinking and questioning
  2. Identity
  3. The language of learning
  4. Managing self
  5. Connecting and reflecting
  6. Collaboration

The fruits of the Learning Tree - well-being, digital technology, higher order thinking, literacy, global citizenship, problem-solving, curiosity, creativity and numeracy - are the skills we develop in our students through the Australian Curriculum.

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Our goal is to build STUDENT AGENCY in LEARNING so that each student can confidently answer the following questions – What am I doing? How am I going? Where do I go next?

We will accomplish this by:-

  • All Lesson Planning includes strategies which develop the Learner Qualities
  • All students will know what the Learner Qualities are, what they look like, sound like, and what they themselves would be doing if they were using them.
  • All T.W.C.S. teachers help students develop the Learner Qualities through intentional teaching and the setting up of classroom progress tracking procedures
  • All students will be aware of the classroom procedures which will allow them to track their progress in each of the Learner Qualities.

Our six Learner Qualities are:

  • Wonder:   I use wonder when I use my curiosity and imagination to begin my search for understanding
  • Think:      I think when I see or hear something which makes me want to learn more
  • Question: I look for answers when I see or hear something which makes me want to know more
  • Persist:    I persist when I keep trying or think of another way to keep going
  • Connect: I connect when I apply what I already know to help me and others understand new ideas, problems and situations
  • Reflect:   I reflect when I can think about my learning journey and responding to feedback.

When children are self-aware they understand their actions, thoughts, character strengths, weaknesses, feelings and next steps to help them learn.

When children are self-managed, they are in control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviours and they know they can access the Learner Qualities to achieve their goal.


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The SELF-MANAGED LEARNER is able to consciously & selectively use the LEARNER QUALITIES to help them get out of the LEARNING PIT (James Nottingham).

THE LEARNING PIT looks like:

Struggle, Failure, Giving Up, Not Getting It, Can’t Do It, Not Seeing Connections, Not Understanding, Avoiding.

Setting High but Achievable Goals
Knowing when and how to use the “LEARNER QUALITIES” Strategies 
Seeing Failure as Feedback
Responding to Feedback
Deciding when to collaborate with others & when to work independently

In the midst of a world of educational, social and economic change the focus on the holistic growth of the child remains the surest way our school can prepare students for the uncertainties of the future. At Tenison Woods Catholic School we want to bring the Good News of Jesus to all our community through learning about the lives of Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods. Our Religious Education Program also includes the Child Protection Curriculum, Cyber Safety and Made in the Image of God (M.I.T.I.O.G.). We offer a comprehensive curriculum package which is designed to be inclusive of all students in assisting them to grow and develop to their full potential. In line with all schools in the country, our school uses the Australian National Curriculum to support students in their learning. Our learning community aims to develop safe, contemporary, sustainable, stimulating and innovative learning environments by:

Providing contemporary learning from the Australian Curriculum that is creative, innovative and which supports the learning needs of all students.

Integrating Information and Communication Technologies to enhance learning and creative possibilities.

Valuing creativity and sustainability throughout our learning programs.

Attending to the safety and well-being of all by meeting compliances and accountability expectations, through policies, procedures and practices. 

Making connections with organisations, agencies and businesses in the wider community to enhance and support student learning; along with their development as global citizens.

We place emphasis on English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography & The Arts. Physical Education is highly valued at our school and we have specialist teachers in this curriculum area.